Anchors Away with PROS!

I am excited to share my newest anchor chart I made myself!  It's all about how to organize an informative/explanatory essay that is based on text:

This anchor chart was born from my PROS writing domains visual organizer:

PROS is a neat little acronym that I made up to help students remember the key areas in essays.  

Each part is broken down into manageable pieces that you hang up as you teach them, thereby making a great visual display like this:

And if you'd like to see how to use PROS to write an informative/explanatory essay with texts, Cornell Notes, model paragraphs and interactive notebook foldables, look no further!

If you are excited about the upcoming sales for Black Friday, then you'll love this:  On Black Friday, I will be offering each of the individual PROS items for FREE for one hour!!  I will announce the exact time frame on Instagram during the day.


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And today begins the first day of BlogHoppin' s first day in a week of Giving Thanks - today is the letter "T"

My "T" is Teamwork.

I am thankful for the folks I work with at school and in the blogosphere.  I'd especially like to thank Deb at Crafting Connections for all her help with my recent projects above.  It's great when you can get to know someone you've never actually met and know you can count on them.  Now that's teamwork!  
(Not to mention the whole PROS thing is based on teamwork too. :) )

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. VERY cool anchor chart! I just noticed the 2cents you added to the final line (by "zinger")! I love it! As you know, I love the entire process that you created for your middle school students with materials you created. I think it will really help the process "click" with students!


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