The 3 best Pinterest Pins for the End of the Year!

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I teach in Florida so May is the Friday of our year.  

That means I am thinking about how to wrap up the year and that's where my top 3 Pinterest picks come from!

 First up is a great idea for those last few days - allowing a class to vote on awards to give to each other!

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I am definitely getting this one - I am just waiting to see if I might be lucky enough to catch a sale - like the TpT Teacher Appreciation Sale May 5-6!

  My 8th graders are "graduating" so this is but like class superlatives which I think they will really enjoy!

This also gives me the idea of asking the students to make a handbook for new students based on their 3 years of middle school wisdom.  :)

It could also be a great discussion starter on what students would still like to know about high school.  I am thinking that if I can get their questions with enough lead time, I might just be able to bring in a high school guest speaker!  :)

Next up, is something I would like to send home with my students to encourage them to read.  Even though I have 8th graders I will not see again next year, I also teach Special Needs kids that I will see next year and they need all the motivation I can give to keep them reading!

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This FREE pack comes with a Bingo board, coupons, and banner pieces to keep track of the books read.

It's a great idea that I modified for my Special Needs Middle Schoolers so that the parents didn't have to come up with the rewards.   I placed the BINGO board, a reading list, a comic book, a bookmark, and some coupons in a folder that I gave them on the last day of school last year.  I pre-filled the coupons with various rewards like "Good for one new notebook" and "Good for one new pack of pencils".  They were pretty excited to get this folder but no one redeemed the coupons.  But I will try again this year anyway - maybe just with more fanfare and calls home!


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I thought this was a good idea for middle schoolers without special needs.  I think this is more exciting than just saying "Read a book and complete a project so you can be invited to an ice cream social during the first weeks of school".  

I'm not saying that we should ditch the ice cream, but let's try adding some pizzazz by using a calendar instead.  It's like a daily challenge and I think if a student completes x number of challenges, then they should qualify for the treat/reward.  Besides, middle schoolers like a little challenge/competition anyway!

Well, there you have it - my top 3 picks for the End of the Year! 

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  1. LOVE the summer reading ideas - thanks!
    I hope you have a peaceful Sunday!

  2. I like those summer calendars.
    Nice pick!

    1. Thank you! I think they are a nice twist for summer reading. :)

  3. Great ideas! I love the summer reading printables. Thank you so much for joining us and sharing! :)

    1. I am glad to be a part of the link-up! Thanks for stopping by! :)


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