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This week I am sharing a nifty little behavior system that works in Middle School and I suspect would work for many a 5th (or maybe 4th?) grade class too.

I call it "Discipline Cards".  

Each student is given 6 cards (all printed on the same piece of paper) at the start of the week, month or marking period (you decide how long they should keep the same set.)  

When a poor choice is made, a card is cut from the sheet.  The first card says "Warning" and once it is cut, the teacher flips it over, writes the student's name and the infraction and then files it away for future reference.  

On the positive side, at the end of the week, students who have all 6 cards are on level 4 and have earned a level 4 privilege/reward.  There is also a level 3, 2, and 1.  I have included a list of all 4 levels and possible privileges/rewards that could be offered for each level.  I actually had the students suggest what the privileges should be for each level.  (This matches up nicely with Marzano too...)

If a student loses all of his/her cards, they immediately drop to level 1 and have to wait until the next set of new cards comes out to earn better privileges/rewards.

At the end of the pre-determined time for this set of cards (I start out with a month at a time), the teacher collects the cards, maybe offers some kind of really great privilege for anyone who has all 6 cards (to make everyone want to keep all 6 cards for the next time), files them and hands out a new sheet of 6 new cards on a new colored piece of paper.  (to help prevent counterfeits)

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Thanks & Enjoy!!

BONUS:  I also added a sample "Alternate Assignment".  :)


  1. Great idea! Thanks for linking up with me. :)

    Colleen Patton
    Mrs. Patton’s Patch

  2. Great idea! I think this would be a great motivator!


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