Behavior Management - Phase 1

Classroom Freebies Manic Monday

As you may know, I teach Middle School grades 6-8 and have a "behavior" Special Education class for which I teach Language Arts.  So now that I have 2 weeks under my belt and all the posturing for pecking order seems to be done, it seems we will be able to settle down.  I have been filling these first days with bucket filling, warm fuzzies and growth mindset.  I want to set the stage for positive interactions.

All of these students have point sheets where they earn points for completing assignments, following classroom rules and participating without disruption.  I am thinking about making their points more real by placing small "Dixie" cups on their desks and each time they do something to earn a point, I will put a button in their cup and each time they make a poor choice, they will lose a button.  I think this would connect nicely to bucket filling.  

Then maybe I can fade from the physical example of buckets to virtual buckets on Class Dojo.  I had thought of going straight to Class Dojo but think that maybe they need a tangible point collector first.  

What do you think?  

Get the point sheet HERE  on Google Docs.

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