Behavior Management - Phase 2

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Ok, so you know from last week that I was going to experiment with a concrete way of giving behavior points by placing buttons in cups connecting it to "filling buckets". worked in that kids had a visual and concrete representation of their points and made their points much more tangible.

On the other hand...they stole each other's buttons and they were generally a distraction as a result.  


So now I have to decide if I should just abandon the buttons and go straight to Class Dojo where they can still see their points but surely not steal them.  But this means I need my projector on at all times and will have to switch away from time to time to use the document camera which means the points are not always visible.  However the sounds might be enough of a reinforcer I suppose.  Well I guess I've talked myself into it - I have to adapt and adjust!

Naturally, the kids want to know what they can earn with their points other than social/personal skills class credit and rewards there so I made this new chart.

These are all things that they have said they would want to work for and so I created this menu and tied certain rewards to certain levels of behavior.  The better the points earned, the better the reward.  :)

You can get a copy of this chart  HERE  on Google Docs.

It's on Word so it's completely editable.

Stay tuned to see how it all works out!  :)

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