A Peek at my Week


First, my students and I will be coming back from being off for an entire week AND then we have to take benchmark tests (math, reading, writing) PLUS begin our "plot diagram" unit with SpringBoard - our required textbook.  Whew!  

With all of that, I want to "lighten the mood" and I know that I can teach the same objectives with something more Christmas-y, you know?  

So...#2....It's a good thing that the Cyber Monday Sales are upon us!!

250 × 120

#3....And I just saw exactly what I needed at I'm Lovin' Lit!!


#4....I too will be offering my products for the full 28% off at Teachers Pay Teachers.

#5....I would particularly like to spotlight my 12 week Expository Essay unit which I am giving away to one lucky winner!

You can get the whole first week for free HERE to see what you think.  In this file you will find the entire 12 week table of contents/lesson plans.  The unit contains:

And if you end up not being the one lucky winner tomorrow, you can still opt to buy the unit at a nice savings!  

Thanks for stopping by & Enjoy the sales!


Thanks so much for stopping by! I hope to hear from you and will reply via e-mail. :)