Expository Essay time with a FREEBIE!

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Happy Thanksgiving week!  

If you are like me, you are doing all you can to maximize this week's "Black Friday" sales for your classroom.

Well I have great news for you!

I am holding a giveaway for my 12 week Expository Essay unit!

I believe that kids think essays are boring and "tune out".  It is important to teach the writing process and six traits along with the terms like "thesis" and "predicate" but the students need some kind of interest catcher to get them engaged.  

How about rich, ooey-gooey, luscious cupcakes?   

I give the prompt:  There are many kinds of different foods for dessert.  Think about your favorite dessert food.  Now write an essay to tell why this dessert food is your favorite.  

Then I tell the students that we will write this essay together and so I picked cupcakes.  And since we need to do a little research, each person will need to eat a cupcake.

You'd think we'd all just won the lottery!  The students LOVE this!  Of course, it's all very structured and no one HAS to eat the cupcake.   However, since we've had such an engaging beginning, students are more invested in the process.  The process I speak of and use in my 12 week unit is all very structured and organized and includes:

So now the FREEBIE!  

Week one of my unit with the lesson plan organizer for all 12 weeks is HERE for free.  Take a look - you might want to enter the giveaway or snag the unit during the sale this weekend!

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Thanks & Enjoy!


  1. I observed a lesson similar to your cupcake lesson when I was a BTSA mentor. The teacher used candy bars instead and tried to focus on descriptive language. Students had to describe the candy bar using their five senses. They had bubble maps to capture thoughts before writing. Yes, each student was focused!!!

  2. I use a kind of chart to describe the cupcakes using the senses and then we refer back to that chart often as we actually write the essay. Kids love treats! :)


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