Happy 2014!


This is a perfect new year party for me!  I am a fairly new blogger and I am always looking for new blog friends, new ideas and new blogging tips every time I join in the fun of a linky.  

And this one is no exception!  I have found several new blogs that I am now happily following!  

It certainly has been a fun journey from when I began about a year ago until I finally settled into this blog home.  I have learned a lot but I think there's still so much more to know!  

So here I am!  I'm a Middle School Special Needs teacher and my specialty is Language Arts.  I like to write about what works/doesn't work for me, lesson plan ideas, and other assorted teacher musings plus I specialize in making games for novels and creating writing materials that are step-by-step.  

I am always looking for new ideas and am particularly fascinated with foldables (my favorites come from Lovin' Lit ) and mentor sentences (my favorites are from Jivey).  

I'm excited to begin 2014 with even more great blog friends, finds and resources!  Here's to good health, good times and new adventures!

See you in "blog-land"!


Thanks so much for stopping by! I hope to hear from you and will reply via e-mail. :)