Sparking Writing Test Motivation!

Tuesday is the big FCAT Writes Test day and I will really need to turn it up for my 8th graders on Monday!  

I was thinking it would be great if I could make essay writing into a song and so I went looking for some cool videos and found these:

These really pump you up!  

I just wish I could put what we've learned to music, but alas I am not quite as talented as those in the videos above...

So I just made a chant:

We've got a test that we must take
But it's gonna be a piece of cake!
We have a HAT on the top of our head
As soon as we get out of bed
Our Support is never late
To Do Excellent Always Cooperate
Then when we're done we will see
Never leave without your AT & T.

Sound off - get a 4!
Sound off - get a 5!

Bring it on down now,
We write!

This chant reflects the organizational pattern that I taught my students:

See how the introduction spells HAT?

Then in the support we have TDEAC = To Do Excellent Always Cooperate

Finally the Conclusion:  ATT = AT&T because the last thing you grab before you leave home is your cell phone.  :)

And then of course, we will have some Lucky Charms because food is always inspirational to my special needs kids!

Fingers Crossed!


  1. Cute chant! They'll be rehearsing it in their head as they write and will blow the scores off the charts! See how clever we have to be to motivate and teach our kids for these stressful tests??!! We got this! I'll be thinking of you and your students on Tuesday! Thanks for sharing and linking up!
    Head Over Heels For Teaching

  2. I LOVE this! We have a big test coming up soon. I would love to have my students create a chant, rap, or song for a motivator. Thanks so much for sharing.


  3. Very neat! I love the reasoning behind your organizational pattern in the essay. I can see middle schoolers really grabbing on to this.Good luck to your students!

  4. Last year when I taught fourth grade, the teachers did a flash mob to that the first video. We always do a Fancy Parade on the Friday before FCAT Writes and the 4th graders prance around the gym in front of the whole school, each holding up a robust vocabulary word. Again, I'll be thinking about all of you taking the test on Tuesday!!!!!!! xo
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'


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