Sparking Motivation with Point sheets + text structures!

So our new staffing specialist convinced us to change our point sheets for our students with Behavior Plans so that they are week long point sheets.  They will be stapled into the students' planners and allow for (hopefully) better data collection.  This is fine except that now it throws my whole menu of rewards off.

It used to be a student could earn 6 points per day and based on that scale, students could earn certain rewards each day.  I had all these nice cards made up that showed the reward and how many points one needed to obtain that reward.  Now they are all wrong because the scale is 10 points per day or 50 per week.  Since I have to change the cards, here was my quandary:  Do I continue to reward daily or do I reward weekly?


I have decided to let the students accumulate points and decide themselves!

8 points = 1 brag buck
(school currency for treats in the cafeteria)

10 points = 2 brag bucks or snack provided by me or have lunch in the classroom

20 points = bag of chips or 1 lunch punch

30 points = computer time on block day

50 points = 1 full size candy bar

200 points/ 10 lunch punches = 1 lunch on me from McDonald's

They are all using the new point sheets already so we'll see how the new rewards are received.  Fingers crossed!

So the point sheets &  rewards is one thing new for this week and then the academics with text structures!
We'll begin with reading some short paragraphs and see if we have any guesses as to their structure.  

Then we'll take some notes and use some graphic organizers.  Students will then be able to verify their guesses.

   Finally, I just bought some awesome task cards from Rachel Lynette that we will be using towards the end of the week. 

But wait, that's not all this week! 
There's a big 'ol celebration giveaway with new items each day at Lovin' Lit!  

I've contributed my Totally Writing condensed unit for writing expository & persuasive essays:

Click the image above to enter the giveaway!

Put all this together and it will be a busy week!  Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Love the freebie! This is what we just covered. Your activity will be a great review in a few weeks' time! THANKS!


  2. I have really been working on text structures with my third and fourth graders lately. I hope it will help them to better understand what they are reading. So far, they seem to enjoy it, and I love seeing them "get it"!

    So sorry you have to go and redo so much of what you had done.

    Enjoy your busy week!
    Reading Toward the Stars

  3. Good luck with the new points system, I love the idea of letting the students decide when to get their reward!

    Love to Learn

  4. I think you should definitely see what the students would like and what they think will work better for them. A week is sometimes a loooong time for students and I've found that they often give up by the middle of the week because they feel like it's a goal that they can't reach. Good luck with whatever you do decide to choose!!!!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

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