Monday Meet Up - Thankful!

Yay!  It's Monday Meet Up time with The Teaching Tribune!

I have so much to be thankful for - it's hard to pick just 3!

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A Peek at My Week ~ Trip time!

This week will be focused on getting ready for my big trip!

While I am gone, this little blog will turn 1 year old!  So when I return, we will celebrate!

So I'll also be working on preparing for the celebratory giveaway this week!

If you'd like to join me, please fill out this form.  

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Positive Thinking Thursday

It's time for another Positive Thinking Thursday and I am collecting quotes to use with my students at the beginning of the year.  

Most of my boys plan to be pro sports players so I thought this might just be perfect:

This is on the wall at the University of Florida's Gator workout room (under The Swamp) that I got to see when my son was in the Jr. Gator Football Camp. 

I see this as totally applying to school work which may seem hard to the students at times, but getting those grades and being successful will be winning the championship if they can get past the discomfort.   

I may just have to have this blown up.  :)  Thanks for stopping by!

Wordless Wednesday - Summer edition!

I love this linky from Miss DeCarbo!  Since it's summer...

What are your exciting summer plans?

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Two for Tuesday - Most Wishlisted!

Time for another smokin' deal with 50% off these two most wishlisted items!

The Giver game is only $2.50 today!

This gem is only $1 today!  Only one dollar?  Yes, it's true!
:)  :)  :)

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Monday Meet Up!

Hooray!  It's time for another fun Monday Meet up!  This time I will tell you 3 of my "secrets"!

Fun stuff, right?  Join in the link-up fun at The Teaching Tribune!

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A Peek at my Week with a Bright Idea!

Even though I am on summer break 
and will be celebrating week 3 - I am going to a workshop this week for the newest version of our textbook - SpringBoard.

We have been working with the "old" version - I'll be interested to see how they have improved it, but seriously, does it have to take TWO days?

Because besides this two day workshop, I am scheduled to attend a one half day workshop on Marzano's design question #4.  This is because our evaluations this coming year have to be lessons in design question #4 or else they will have to be re-done (or perhaps scored very poorly.)  
I'll be VERY interested to see how I am to accomplish this inquiry style with Language Arts.

If you, dear reader, have any tips on this, I am open to suggestions!!

Aside from all of this "must-do" school stuff, I have been pondering a theme for next year.  Here's where my bright idea comes in:

Since I am likely to have all boys in a Special Needs Language Arts class next year,  all of whom expect to "go pro" in football or another sport as a career, I am going to go with an "All Pro" theme.  
Since I am essentially tasked with teaching writing (and a little reading as a springboard [maybe that's where the title of the textbook comes from] ), I have re-worked the main "areas" of writing into PROS:

I am working on some lessons to match the graphic above that will also work with my required SpringBoard textbook.  We'll see how it all works out, but I think I may have found a way to tie writing and their aspirations together!

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Saturday Snapshots and a Sale!

This past week we were in Gainesville for the Jr. Gator football camp at the University of Florida.  So the pictures from this event are perfect for Saturday Snapshots with Miss Nelson.

Our 10 year old son says his goal is to go to UF and play football for the Gators.  So we are nurturing his aspirations.

This is my son with Head Coach, Will Muschamp.

My little guy wants to be a running back and they had the actual running backs coach that works with the players work with the campers.

It was day camp for 3 days - from about 8am-12 noon.  It was very well organized and the coaches were all very enthusiastic about working with the kids.

That's Chris Leak, former Gator Championship winning Quarterback, throwing a pass to my son!

This is my son's team.  After all the drills and skills time, they played "Gator Ball" and my son's team actually won the championship!  Each child was given a special Gator team hat.  Their coach was Hunter Joyer - running back for UF who was great with the kids, a truly nice guy.

You can see that yes, we're big fans and so we had a blast in Gainesville helping our son pursue his dreams.  :)

Now, just in case you're in the mood for a sale, all my products are 20% off now through Monday.  You can also link up your sale with Deb at Crafting Connections here.

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Worksheet Wednesday FREEBIE! :)

Mrs. Spangler is my name and ELA is my game!  So I am happy to share a little ELA worksheet freebie with you all!

So here you go - a quick little review on the structure of a paragraph... topic sentence, 3 details (each detail gets its own sentence), conclusion sentence.  

It's a very basic 1 pager but comes with a suggested answer key.  :)  (The answer key could probably be used on it's own as an alternate way to review structure.)  

I like to use it at the start of the year as an easy, confidence building writing exercise. 

Click HERE to get your copy!  :)

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Two for Tuesday!

Two for Tuesday is a great idea from The Teaching Tribune where folks offer two of their products for 50% off for one day only (today!) and I am happy to participate in offering two of my best products!

If you read yesterday's post, then you know I began blogging due to my sister's insistence about my writing materials.  This first product is the one she was talking about:

This is my 12 week unit that teaches one how to write an expository essay with step-by-step instructions.  It uses the writing process of pre-writing, drafting, editing, proofreading and published which is "fertilized" with the six traits of organization, word choice, voice, sentence fluency and conventions in meaningful and practical activities designed to make better writers.

In this unit you can expect:
*Professionally written instruction on how to write an expository essay beginning with sentences and paragraphs.

*Explanation and use of the writing process in the lessons/activities

* Explanation and use of the traits of writing in the lessons/activities

*Clear grammar instruction with the parts of speech

*Instruction in overall writing skills

*Clear focus on specific writing products

*12 weeks worth of curriculum with 4 daily lessons per week and a weekly quiz

* 5 PowerPoints that go with specific lessons/topics

*online activities

*A day-by-day, week-by-week Table of Contents chart with objectives.

*Full answer keys, self-evaluation checklists, rubrics, and other teacher evaluation tools.

*A midterm and a final exam

PLUS this a SUPER VALUE!!  Normally $60 - today it is $30!!

If you paid $1 a day (12 weeks times 5 days per week) that would equal $60 then add in the PowerPoints, grammar activities, quizzes, answer keys, checklists and rubrics and you can see why 

My second product I'm offering for 50% off is the most wishlisted item in my store:

This is a reading comprehension questions and answers game that reviews the four story elements of setting, characters, plot and theme.  Questions were written using Bloom's Taxonomy and nearly every level is represented.

There are 9-18 questions per story element and a total of FIFTY-THREE questions in all for this set about The Giver.  The questions are already written on "cards" that are in in both color and black and white depending on your printing preferences.

This game can be played like the TV show Jeopardy or in small groups or in many other ways.

Included in this pdf are directions for making & playing the game as well as assessment suggestions and ideas for using the cards with small groups as well as the whole class.

Normally the game for The Giver is $5 but today it is only $2.50!

Well I think that wraps up this Two for Tuesday!
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Monday Meet Up ~ Dear Me

I am happy to join in this fun summer linky with The Teaching Tribune even though this journey is not quite a full year old.

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Positive Thinking Thursday

We have been out of school for almost a week now and I am kicking around the idea of having a "pro" or "champion" theme in my room next year so that's where my quote comes in:

"Be a Pro.
Act like a Champion.
Respond to Adversity: Don't React.
Be on time.  Being late means either it's not important to you or you can't be relied upon.
Execute.  Do what you're supposed to do when you're supposed to do it.  Not almost.  All the way.  Not most of the time.  All of the time.
Take ownership.  Whatever it takes.  No excuses, no explanations."

These were Mr. Dungy's "rules" for his team.  I have actually read this book and it is powerful for the kinds of kids I work with.  Perhaps I should read it to them?  Or maybe just draw out the best parts?  I know his rules would be great for my team too.  Perhaps these should be our classroom rules next year.  Wouldn't it be great if I could find someone this summer to come in on the first day and talk about these types of things?  I wonder who I could get...stay tuned and we'll see!

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Wordless Wednesday

I am very happy to link up with Miss DeCarbo at Sugar and Spice now that school is over because my husband I are both teachers and have just finished our school year!

That's where I was for the last little while - Vero Beach!  What do you do to "de-stress", "de-tox" or "de-frag" (as we like to call it)?

Thanks for stopping by!  Before you go, you may also wish to click below to enter this fabulous giveaway:

Organizing Me

So after I had admitted what an organizational nightmare I am, I saw an article in Instructor magazine about organizing and then even my husband got in on it by finding me bins!  So....I decided it's time to get going on this organization thing!
  I have even been to IKEA and found some neat little containers and such to get going on this new adventure!  

Since this is a kind of a new thing for me to try, I decided to share it with Tried it Tuesday at Fourth Grade Flipper.

The lovely Alison at Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin' told me anything before the year 2000 has got to go.  I thought that was a good place to start.

This is what I have accomplished as of today:

Out with the old....

In with the new...

Looks pretty good if I do say so myself and honestly, it feels good to be better organized.  

I still have more to do - 20 years of hoarding collecting teaching materials takes time to sort through!

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