A Peek at my Week including a Sale! {8.17.14}

I am joining the linkys with Mrs. Laffin's Laughings and Ideas by Jivey.  :)

This week, we are back to school and our students start on Monday.  What I am teaching has continually changed all during pre-planning, but it looks like I finally have this:

2 classes of "regular" Language Arts - until another teacher can be hired....
1 class of special needs Learning Strategies
All other periods facilitation with Students with Special Needs.

The idea is that after they hire another teacher, I will no longer teach LA, but facilitate those periods instead.  I have at least 37 students on my caseload so I need those facilitation periods ASAP!

So what am I doing?

Well....the first day we are covering the Code of Conduct school-wide in every single class.  Bleech.

Day 2 I am doing the M&M/ 7-up activity you may have heard of....

These lovely plans are from Mrs. O Knows.

Wednesday and Thursday are block days and that's when we'll make our agreements (rules) and go over expectations by doing a gallery walk and reviewing our sentences from the 7-up activity.

Then Friday, I think we may just begin to get into our subjects and get set-up to track our data.

Thankfully, there's a sale to help me out!

I bought these contracts to help me with the required spelling homework and am glad I did even if I am only temporarily teaching LA.

This Data Lapbook is on my wish list because I need to really work on helping students track their progress better and I think this will really help me!

I think this product is a "must have" because it is what I have been asked for over and over at my school:  "Could you please share some strategies for helping this student with special needs".  All of the information in this "flip-book" are research based and the research is included in the product for a teacher to use to show why she is doing what she is doing for the student with special needs.  Of course, there are many different accommodations listed and examples of how I have used these accommodations in my own class.  It's a great, quick reference resource for working with students with special needs.

Thanks to Room 213 for making and sharing the button!

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  1. I love the concept of a 7Up sentence! The activity looks like fun! Enjoy!

    Fit to be Fourth

  2. Hi Lisa! Your flip book is a great idea to help students with special needs. Happy sale!
    Heather from Mrs. Renz Class


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