A Peek at My Week {9.7.14} Imagery, Dialogue & Point of View

I just finished my lesson plans last night while my boys watched football.  We have a new "suggested" lesson plan template in our district and our principal is requiring 2 weeks of lesson plans to be posted at a time so....

We are using the SpringBoard books and are working on Visual techniques with the summative assessment being an original hero's journey narrative.

At the end of last week, we read an excerpt from A Wrinkle in Time and took a look at imagery, dialogue and point of view.  This week we will expand on all three in addition to what the textbook says we need to do.


I found this neat anchor chart on Pinterest:

We'll record some great imagery from our excerpt on this foldable I made:

If you'd like a free copy, click {Here}.


First, I am using this video from Learn Zillion (which if you haven't tried it, you might want to look it up - there's TONS of awesome FREE videos!)

Then I plan to use Lovin' Lit's "Hard and fast rules for dialogue" from:

Point of View

Last, but not least, we will put some good information on point of view into our notebooks.  This will segway nicely into different camera "points of view" that is in the textbook.

We already had a look at this poster to help us determine the point of view of the excerpt:  

Now we need to add some reference material into our interactive notebooks.  

Yup, it comes from Lovin' Lit again!  :)
And, no, she has not paid me to do this nor does she even know I am posting about it - this is just honestly what I am doing because I honestly love her work!

So there are my plans to make our textbook more interesting!  

Something else you might interesting is my bloggy friend Deb's giveaway!

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  2. I love those Pinterest posters! I will have to check out those Interactive Notebook units. They look great. Have a fantastic week at school :) Adorable blog! I found you through the Peek At My Week linky party.


  3. Looks like you have a fun week planned! I'm not sure if I could turn in my lesson plans for two weeks at a time. Sometimes, they change on a daily basis....Have a great week!

    PS -- I'm sending you a little something in your email. Enjoy!

    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings

  4. Lesson plans for two weeks at a time?!?! That seems a bit excessive!! I bet they change a lot by the end of the second week! Thanks for linking up and for promoting my giveaway, Lisa! I love that imagery anchor chart- I had never seen that one before!


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