Sparking Motivation for students AND teachers!

I'm linking up with Joanne at Head Over Heels for Teaching because for me, teaching is all about the motivation!

First up is motivating the students.  

We start a new marking period on Monday and although my tickets are very popular, I need something for the class as a whole to promote the fact that we are a team.  So I have modified WBT's Scoreboard to have my 3 classes compete with another instead of with me.

I want each class to be a team with me included.  We will name our teams on Monday and vote on the reward.  I think this will help promote a better sense of community and help kids see that I am on their side which should help those kids who think grades are randomly "given".

Now how about a little teacher motivation?

There will be some special holiday bloggy happenings beginning Nov. 1 !

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  1. I did a classroom point competition like this my first two years teaching. They didn't impact the other classes at all, but it definitely kept them accountable. We celebrated the winning class with a movie and popcorn. The problem I had was that I had one class that was always really ahead of the others, so it was discouraging for the other classes. Any thoughts on how you will combat this?

    1. You bring up a good point. I was thinking that I could keep it close, but in all reality that may not work. My other thought was that I would have each class earn and lose points separate from the other classes and then allow a class that has earned let's say 20 points in a week to earn a star towards the class reward. It's a thinker!

  2. This is a nice twist to the normal scoreboard. I think that you will really get some of the competitive kids to buy in. Peer pressure can do some good. :)
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