Writing Freebie and Pin it to Win it!

I know I am a little tardy to the party, but now that I am officially on Thanksgiving break, I have time to share my newest products with a little contest and a freebie!

PROS is an acronym that I created to help students remember the domains of writing.  Each domain has its own title header and is explained/broken down into manageable pieces that each displayed on their own "card".  The idea is that as you teach each of these domains, you build a visual display.

I chose PROS because it's so motivating to my many sports minded students - especially the boys who tend to perk up with anything related to sports.

I have it hanging in my room thusly:

Under each domain are essential things to know in order to write a text-based essay.  Then, to put it all together in an Informative/Explanatory Essay, I made this:

This product focuses on the organization of informative/explanatory essays and explains how to write that essay based on text.  It is laid out in a "chunked" fashion so that you can go through the process step-by-step with example paragraphs, Cornell notes and foldables all along the way for each part of the essay.

If you'd like to win either of these products (or both!), pin it to win it and then comment with the pin's url.  Winners will be chosen at random next Saturday!

To add to the excitement, here is a freebie:

This gives you the essay example from the product above and asks students to cut apart the scrambled sentences and then physically place them in order.  The end product looks something like this:

My students really enjoyed this activity and I daresay it was pretty motivating!  My students completed this in small groups and were a bit competitive.  Then again, anything hands-on seems to be motivating for my students!

Click {here} or on the link above to get your freebie!
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  1. This looks great Lisa! For sure hands on activities always motivate kids-I love a little healthy competition too! Here's my pin:
    Thanks for sharing and linking up!
    Head Over Heels For Teaching

  2. http://www.pinterest.com/pin/529876712382591900/

    Happy Thanksgiving!


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