Happy Hump day and Wordless Wednesday!

This is my first time ever linking up with Mrs. Stanford's Class for

This week, my 8th graders and I are working on learning how to write an Argumentation essay.  

We have a great anchor chart (that's also in our notebooks) to help us with the organization:

And we have a great "anchor wall" with accompanying flipbook to help us with the other parts too:

Plus we're working on motivation because this is tough!

We can and will be writing pros if we take on the heart of a champion!

(Stay tuned - more about this tomorrow - I have to at least try to not be wordy!)

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  1. I love the word wall and the motivation on the board.


  2. Love that argument essay anchor chart! I'm going to have to save this post because we are starting our essays in March and I always have some kids that have a hard time "getting it"... Thanks for sharing!

    My Shoe String Life

  3. Great anchor chart! Really love the motivational quote.

    Luv My Kinders


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