Sparking Motivation ~ Finish Strong!

Well it's testing season again and in Florida we will have the new state writing test in just about a week.  I feel a disturbance in the force - the students seem to be gearing down for this test instead of gearing up.  

So we are busily preparing for what we need to bring in to the test with a GAME PLAN:

This past week we focused on working an argumentative prompt out and next week we will use the process on an informative prompt.  

Then the day before the test we will have a big review game - I 
may even try to put it on Nearpod.

However, not knowing if Yoda's words are cool enough for my middle schoolers to get the job done, I also found this:

I like the idea of "Finish Strong" and think I will use that as a hashtag on the board, on handouts, on our door, on the desks and anywhere else I can think of!

Here's hoping I can get my padawans revved up!!

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  1. I'm so nervous about this new test and what to expect on how they will score! I love this video! I will definitely use it next week! Thanks for sharing and linking up! Good luck next week!
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