Big Test Prep ~ Vocabulary Freebie!

 Here in Florida, we are gearing up for our new state test:  The Florida Standards Assessment (FSA).  

It promises to be a challenging test that is rumored to be similar to the PARCC test.

Fortunately, they have posted the test item specifications and I have gone through the 8th grade ELA document very carefully to note all the question stems and critical vocabulary.  After pulling out all the challenging words, I made this for my classroom:

And it's a freebie for you!  Click {here} or on the images.

I know my students need to understand these words in order to understand the questions and have a chance at being able to accurately answer them.

So now what will I do with these, you ask?

I plan to reveal these words 10-15 a week and play a few games with them.  All the purple "cards" are the terms and the orange "cards" are the definitions.  I plan to put all the purple cards on the wall and then randomly put all the orange cards on the desks and have the students match them up.

Then I think I may also use the cards to play a vocabulary relay.  I'll put the students into teams on one end of the field and all the cards on the other end.  Then it's a relay race to see which team can make the most pairs!

Lastly, I will be placing all the words on so the students can practice with them there independently and prepare for a weekly quiz.

What other ideas do you have?  I love new ideas!!

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  1. What a great idea! I love the games you plan to play, too- that will definitely make learning vocabulary more fun!

  2. I just want to know if there is ANYONE at Teacher Lingo that can explain how to get to various teacher sites.


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