Freebie Friday ~ State Reading Test Game Plan

This week, I have been on Spring break!  I know that when I return we will be in "crunch time" for the two weeks leading up to our big state tests.

I found that when we took our writing test, it really helped my students to know how to approach the test.  Yes, they had learned how to write, but "the test" seemed overwhelming.  They needed a plan to manage the test itself.  So I put together a step-by-step "game plan" so they could stress less and remember all the good writing know-how in their brains!

So I took this same concept and created this:

There are 3 posters/anchor charts with ways to tackle the test along with a foldable.   Having steps to follow keeps my students calmer so they can remember the reading skills they know by heart.  

I am giving this away as a freebie to help all my fellow teachers who are getting ready for their state reading tests too!  
I hope it helps!

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