March's Top Pinterest Picks: Test Prep Fever!

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For me, March begins "testing season" - we have our first state test (the writing test) on March 3 - today!!

Then we have the remainder of the month to prepare for the state reading and math tests.

Since I teach ELA, my students and  I will be reviewing for the reading test for much of March.  
Sooooo, my top Pinterest pins relate to test prep for reading!

Source1, Source2, Source 3

Ok, so I know this is actually 3 pins, but they are all related to vocabulary.  Each one offers some great words with which to work and ideas for practicing with those words.  What is especially good about these pins is that all offer ways for engaging with the words!  This is huge for me as I want to keep things as lively as possible to make vocabulary feel more like a "want to do" rather than a "must do".


This is a great pin for setting up test prep review centers with tons of ideas!!  I still use centers in middle school and contrary to popular belief, the students really like them!  Even though the centers from this pin revolve around 4th grade, they give me some great ideas for my own centers.  Luckily, I do have quite the stash of task cards!  Plus, I like the way Lisa gives her review a fun Hollywood theme to give it that something extra.  :)


Last, but not least, are some more engagement tips for test prep!  I am all for making test prep as fun as possible.  Sometimes, I think the kids just hear me say "Womp, womp, womp" like the teacher on Charlie Brown so whatever I can do to chase away the "womps" is just what the doctor ordered! 
I especially like the ideas of using whiteboards in a game show fashion and of students making their own flipbooks to review various concepts!

Well, that's all for me - I would love any comments relating to test prep fever or even just a note to let me know you stopped by.  :)

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  1. Great ideas! Thank you so much for sharing! I have been setting up "Grab and Go" baskets in my classroom, and they have been working great for my fast finishers! :)

  2. I just love all the great test prep ideas! Since testing isn't going away, I love ideas that make the best of it! Thanks for sharing such great ideas and linking up!

  3. What a great collection of test prep ideas! I love the grab and go centers. Another reason to go to the Dollar Tree!

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