Sparking Motivation for Reading - Part 2

We have just finished the third 9 weeks and now I am on Spring Break!

This gives me time to ponder our 4th quarter reading project and the responses I received to my reading project questions.

Question #1
"What would motivate you to read?"

Choosing books we like
Gift Cards

I certainly want them to pick books they like and I think I can work in prizes - but gift cards?  Well, that's middle school for you, I guess.  I am not sure what I can come up with that would be as motivating as gift cards...

Question #2
"What kind of project would you like to do?"

Be creative and make a poster/collage
Use technology.

I am all about creativity and using technology would be great.  However, since we are entering test season - we will literally be in testing mode from April 13 - May 22 - the technology will be all tied up.  

So...what to do?  I am thinking about this:

Students can create a blog page on paper using this great FREE resource I found on Teachers Pay Teacher by Darlene Anne or create a live one with their own device!

They can be creative and use technology or at least their knowledge of technology with any book of their choice.

Then, for each stage of the project, they will earn one part of a sundae.  After all the projects are done, then we will have a sundae party - it may not be a gift card, but it is a good prize if I do say so myself and a perfect way to end the year!!  

Now I'm off to nail down the details for each stage and sundae part.  I'll share what I come up with next week!

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  1. I love that you asked for their input on the motivation piece and the project idea-you get total buy in that way! And, that project idea for the blog page is going to be great! I can't wait to see the finished projects! The sundaes will be the perfect touch! Thanks for sharing a motivating idea!
    Head Over Heels For Teaching

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