Sparking Motivation for Reading

I teach 8th grade ELA and at our school, Language Arts classes are required to read at least one book per quarter and complete a project.  

Getting kids to read is like trying to walk uphill, in 10 feet of snow, barefoot.

I tried to make it fun by creating a whole "Book Madness" theme based on the concept of the Basketball "March Madness".

This has been more successful than anything else I have tried, but there were still quite a few students who didn't read their book. 
(You can read more about  how I conducted "Book Madness" by clicking {here}.) 

So now we are down to the last week of the third quarter and I think I am going to ask the students to anonymously write down one thing that would motivate them to read.  Then I will see if I can use that information to create a theme/project that gets EVERYONE reading during the 4th quarter!

Stay tuned - I'll share the responses I get next Saturday!  :)

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  1. LOVE your board! I wish I had space to make a Book Madness board-so motivating for students to be a part of this and read their books! I laughed at your analogy of the snow walking-I bet middle schoolers need lots of motivation to read! They're lucky to have you Lisa! Thanks for linking up and sharing!
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