Anchors Away ~ Writing Short Answer Responses

It's been a while since I've joined Deb at Crafting Connections for this inspiring linky, but I'm back at it now! :)

We will be taking our new state reading assessments in one week.  What we know about them is that there will be many new types of questions including ones that require short answer responses.

We have been working on it using the ACE strategy from Lovin' Lit but many of my students have still been struggling with it so I/we made this:

Writing Short Answer Responses with ACE(S) & Pixanote® !

UPDATE:  Since my students still weren't "getting it", I made picture notes for them not too long after this post with different symbols that represented what they needed to do each step of the way: 

Pixanotes® is a great tool for students to use to learn how to write short answer responses!

You won't believe it, but I actually had an unscheduled (nail-biting) observation when I first used them and it turned out very well!
 You can read all about it here:

Now back to the rest of the post:

We'll continue to work on this skill this week with The Giver. Our unit of study has us comparing/contrasting themes from various texts.  So we'll also take some time to look at a poem or two that connects to the novel to ensure we have brushed up on our figurative language skills.

We'll make that anchor chart this week.  I think I'll take these FREE posters that I found on Pinterest and then have my class make up their own examples to post with them:

We'll see how it turns out. :)  Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Ugh! It can be so nervewracking when you have to take a new set of state tests! I love this anchor chart, and the playing card graphics! Would you believe that I have never read The Giver? I've heard that it's "different". Do your students like it?


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