Sparking Motivation with Purpose!

I am super thankful for Joanne's weekly motivation linky as I always find the best ideas for rallying the troops there!

We are entering "testing season" and I know it's going to be a rough 5 weeks.  Naturally, I want my students to do well but I wanted them to know why I want them to do well.

Is it because I am a staunch testing proponent?  
Is it because I love to make their lives miserable?

Or is is because of something else - like what I believe is my purpose for teaching?

So then I showed them this video I made:

It's my first attempt to put my purpose into "words" and when I told them after the video that the testing preparations are for them as in "It's not for me, it's for you.  I want you to do well", there was quiet, respectful silence.

That kind of silence means they got it and it resonated with them.  At least for the next 5 minutes.  :)  

For an exit ticket, I asked the students to tell me what they believe is their purpose.  Unfortunately, I left them at school but they were deeper than I thought they would be.  
(I'll have to update this post with pictures - click here to see the exit tickets.)

Of course, I will have to remind them why we are moving down the testing path, but the video will be in their "files" and as I remind them, hopefully it will help them remain motivated to stay the course.  

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  1. Lisa, that video is AWESOME!!!! I loved it! What a cool thing to show your students! I found it inspirational, and I'm sure your students did, too. By the way, that one therapy dog was huge! :)


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