Top 3 April Pinterest Picks!

In some places, April showers bring May flowers.  Here, they bring the Top 3 Pinterest Picks!  :)

A big thanks to PAWSatively Teaching and Inspired Owl's Corner for being the hostesses!

Since it's April, and poetry month, you can bet we're going to be reading and writing some poetry so that's where all my picks come from.

First up is this FREE organizer that I am going to use with my middle school students.

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  We are currently reading The Giver by Lois Lowry and the poems we will be reading are connected to the novel.  One of the poems I plan to read is "The Human Abstract" by William Blake and it's quite rigorous.  I think this organizer will help us to break it down. 

Next up is some poetry writing - this one is specific to tone.

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This post includes many ways to teach tone and then it culminates with this "art poetry" by which a reader should be able to determine the tone of the passage by looking at the selected words and the art.  This is quite rigorous, but the results could be amazing!

Last, but not least, we have some poetry WITH word choice:

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I love this idea because it is not only poetry, it helps to increase more vivid word choice!  I see this as a way to do two things at once and the end product is not only efficient, but it's pretty too!

Well, that does it for me, but check out some other great pins below:

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  1. Great pins! And that paint chip poetry with word choice activity is awesome - I can imagine how that could be adapted for all grade levels!

  2. How did I forget that April is National Poetry Month? Thank you for sharing such great pins! Now you have me thinking about what I need to plan! Thank you for joining us! :)


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