What Matters Most

I am happy to join Jackie in Room 213 for this great topic and hop!

I have been thinking about this very idea rather intently for the past few weeks, especially as it relates to state testing.

So, I decided to put my purpose as a teacher into words on a video to help motivate my students for The Test.  
(You can read about that and see my video {here} )

Then, I decided to ask my students about their purpose - why do they come to school?  What matters most to them at home and school?

Here are some of the more interesting responses (I learned a lot!).

This stood out to me because the student is most concerned about doing well for her Mom.  I hope she also wants to do well for herself!

I am paying careful attention to the word "need" here.  That one word says a lot to me.

This one does not surprise me as this is the one whose parents have opted her out of all state testing.  However it does concern me because it makes it hard for me to engage the student if everything is a battle.  Who knows? Maybe I can show her that coming to school can be something she might actually choose.

I think this student know that lots of students will say that the reason they come to school is to learn so he adds "really" to let me know he is genuine.  I like that.

Did you notice that this student does not value her family and that she wants to be better than her parents?  It makes me concerned for what's going on at home but it gives me a way to make learning more valuable too.  

This last one struck me because she values food and  is not convinced that school will make a difference in her life.  I will be sure to work with guidance on the food and obviously need to find out her career plans so I can get her a mentor.  

Amazing what you can learn when you ask what matters most, isn't it?

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