Top 3 Pins for Summer Fun

Many thanks to Pawsitively Teaching and Inspired Owl's Corner for hosting this linky!

Today is my last day with students so I thought this linky was perfect timing for me to share my Top 3 Pins for Summer Fun!

I like to travel in the summer and I like to look for more historic places to visit and stay.  This place looks perfect!

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This is actually a hotel in Columbia.  We'll be doing some traveling, but Columbia is not on the list this year.   This looks like the kind of place where new adventures are born ~almost like being in an Indiana Jones movie!  Places like this fascinate me and jumpstart my creativity!

My son will be attending University of Florida's Junior Football Camp and later he'll be playing Pop Warner.  I have decided I either need this exact shirt or I need to make one:

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I do tend to yell loudly - I just get excited and then I can't contain my enthusiasm.  :)

Last, but not least, I like to spend my summer doing things that make me happy.  Not just surface happy, but deep soul-filling happy.  This pin gently points in the right directions.  :)

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  1. I would love to travel to that hotel in Columbia but the farthest I'm traveling this summer is my backyard:/
    The Busy Busy Hive

  2. I would love to visit that hotel! Thanks for sharing and linking up!

  3. Have fun on your travels this summer! That hotel reminds me of the Bates Hotel from the movie/tv show :)
    Triple the Love In Grade 1

  4. Wow, that hotel is really something. I pinned. I'd love to go there, but not much travel this summer. Hopefully some day soon :) Kathleen
    Kidpeople Classroom

  5. Wouldn't it be nice to go on a vacation like that right now!? I bought that book but haven't read it yet- I need to! Thank you for linking up and sharing!


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