TpT Seller Challenge Week 3: Make Your Masterpiece!

It's already Week 3 of the TpT Seller Challenge that is sponsored by Teach Create Motivate, Third in Hollywood, Peppy Zesty Teacherista, and Sparkling in Second !

This week is all about making a new product.  It's great timing for
 me as that is what I have been working on!

I made this for my own middle school ELA classroom.  It is 5 days of plans for the first week of school that is focused on community building with active getting to know you games,

interactive notebook activities for things like rules and procedures,

And some great activities with stories like Stone Soup that can do double duty by serving as a mentor text for theme and an inspiration for a great interactive notebook getting to know you activity!

Each day has a specific plan chock full of activities - probably more than can be done is a week but I always say that it's better to have too much than too little when it comes to lesson plans!

I understand that this challenge is a week and a half because we are meant to have a challenge friend edit our product.  So...anyone want to swap with me?

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  1. WOW!!! You work fast!!!! I haven't started my product yet and I have packers and movers coming this week! Yikes! Glad we get a week and a half. Your product looks really wonderful!!! Job well done!

    Amanda Bryant
    A Traveled Teacher

  2. This looks awesome, Lisa!! I really love that "Walk the Line" activity where students get to share their feelings about the various statements. Also, I LOVE the new blog design! So eye-catching!!

  3. very nice product! I am a middle school science teacher and I have enjoyed using interactive notebooks with students. I have already started planning for this coming year too! love getting prepared and creating new resources for the school year!

  4. I'll be glad to swap with you since I teach 6th grade! You can email me at


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