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If you were to ask my middle students to tell you how I am peculiar, they'd tell you I am a big nerd.


Well, my facilitator teacher told my students one day that they were lucky to have me.  He said that I bounce around all smiley and happy and have silly little sayings about "elbow grease" and such but that I am a great teacher.  That I am very patient with them - perhaps too patient, he thought out loud - but that they should appreciate the time I take to break things down for them and pay more careful attention.

The students all laughed nervously because he had obviously hit the nail on the head, but I already knew that my quirk was being a super patient (and nerdy) person.

My husband says I am inhumanly patient.

But this helps me, especially when I work with Special Needs students.  And did I tell you that I seem to be a Person with Special Needs Whisperer?

No matter where we go, people with special needs come up to me and talk to me like they have known me all their life.  Usually, their caregivers gape in horror but then I tell them I am a teacher and they generally relax.

One thing that I do that adds to my quirkiness is to use picture books in my class.  
You might think middle schoolers are too old for picture books, (and some students always point this out the first time I bring one out) but I love them because they make learning a skill seem easier. 
Once I tell the nay-sayers that the picture book is like a warm-up for the skill we're working on to help them apply it to more difficult text, they seem to like the idea too. 
To me, this creates a great common frame of reference for the entire year which is one definition of Mentor Text.

The first book I plan to read with my students next year is "Stone Soup" by Marcia Brown.

This is a great book to discuss theme because this book has a great one!  The idea is that if all the people (students) contribute some of their best "stuff" (i.e. talents & skills), together the class can make something great!

I think this will get our year started off rather well even if it is a bit quirky.  :)

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