Vegas Bound!

I am attending this year's Teachers Pay Teachers (TpT) conference for the first time!

I first started with TpT back in 2005, but never really had time to pay attention to it.  Then in 2013, I found the blogger world.  At that time, I was just reading blogs for ideas for my self-contained special needs middle school class.  I quickly learned that the TpT of today was a powerhouse and since I was having so much fun with others' blogs, I thought I should give blogging a whirl and see if TpT could truly work for me.

I became a premium seller on July 4, 2014.  It has now been a full year and I have learned so much but I know I need to learn more if I want to reach my goals. (see that post here)

So this is what I am hoping I will get from Vegas:

I have met some great people online, and now I will get to meet them in real life!  This is important in order to really create those collaborative relationships which help me grow as a person, teacher, and businesswoman.

I feel pretty darn good about my new design :) and think that I have done well with my name and keeping it all connected in all the social media places.  However, I do think there is something I may be missing.  I need to be sure that it's known that I teach and create middle school ELA and SPED.

Marketing Know-How
I am not by nature a "seller".  I swear my brother could sell ice to an eskimo, but I didn't get that gene. 

I did, however, have a little idea that you might be interested in - I am offering an exclusive freebie to all who are attending the conference or who are participating in any virtual Vegas experiences!  

This freebie will go live on my Facebook page Wednesday at 8pm EST to celebrate the conference and all the collaborating and learning that I hope will take place!
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Stay tuned!  We'll see what I learn and can share on Facebook (as well as IG and Twitter) without compromising the integrity of the information presented.

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