Digital Learning Day - Internet Tutorial for Students!

This year, Digital Learning Day is February 17, 2016.

I know there are tons of new and exciting digital opportunities with Google Drive activities that interest me and I am sure would interest my students.  But before we can get into these things, we have to put the horse before the cart.

I teach Middle School and I have wrongfully assumed that because my students seem to proficient with their phones, that they would be fluent with the terms when using the internet on a laptop or computer. 

When I recently provided an internet address like so that my students can log on directly to participate in a game and take a quiz, I found that 75% or more of them were going to Google and then copying this web address into a search box rather than placing it into the address bar.  Never mind the fact that they do not know that it is called a URL.  Or the fact that they have no idea how to tell a reliable site from an unreliable one from the list they generate using the search bar.  

So I thought I might find a good little video on You Tube to help teach my students some basics.  Wrong again!  There are lots of videos but the authors either say "um" A LOT and are confusing or they are too long-winded.  So...I made my own.
Disclaimer:  I am not a professional video maker.  I am "just" a teacher.

After watching the video, I will have students complete this activity:

You are welcome to use this video and the activity too!

Just click HERE to get your own copy of the activity.  :)

I have made a few activities that are compatible with Google Drive that are waiting in the wings as I ready my students with the basics.  Besides learning the ways of the internet, my students are making sure they have e-mail accounts since our district doesn't have Google Classroom.   It won't be long before we're ready to take on all kinds of new ways of recording and representing our knowledge digitally!

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