Calming the Year End Chaos Tips for Success

As I wind down the year and prepare for the next, it can seem pretty chaotic! At my school, we have a multi-page checklist that must be completed before we can leave for summer.  It has to be signed by specific administrators and staff as you turn in items.  
I call it the yearly scavenger hunt!

Combine that with completing grades, packing up the room, saying goodbye to students with meaningful activities and there's hardly a moment to consider next year!

For many years, I just packed it "all" up with the idea that I would "just find it" next year.  Or better yet, I think "I'll label it as I unpack it".  HA!  Not only do I never have the luck of finding anything easily, there's never enough pre-planning time to make lists either!

How I hope to fix my organizational disaster!

So this year, I am going to start by packing one (1) box each day during the last month of school - with a list of what's inside!  I plan to group resources together as I go.  This seems so much more "do-able" with just one box a day!  And I'm certain that will still leave me time to grade some papers and prepare some activities.

Packing one box a day with a list of its contents will calm my end of year chaos!

PLUS, on other pages of that legal pad I am going to use to make my packing lists, I am going to make idea lists for new ideas for next year.  Two birds...  :)

If you're like me, as you generate those ideas, you might start to formulate a plan where some new resources may be needed so a TpT gift card might just come in handy!

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More End of the Year Survival Tips


I'm so glad to join Forever in 5th Grade for Show and Tell!  My show and tell is focused on my end of the year motto:  Finish Strong!

#FinishStrong ideas for students in the classroom

First up, I found this neat inspirational video 
(among a host of other great ones from Simple Truths)
that I am hoping will help us find some motivation to get through the last round of testing.

Then, to add a little fuel to the inspirational fire, I've added in a new twist to my ticket reward system:

Finish the year strong with these ideas for your middle school classroom! #teaching #motivation

I ordinarily hand out tickets to students doing the right things in class and then have a drawing on Friday where I give out about 3 trips to my candy jar as prizes.  Now, students can place their tickets on my BINGO board.  On the last day of school, I'll place lots of different treats in brown paper lunch bags.  When I call out a bingo location, the student whose ticket is in that spot, gets to pick a mystery bag with a prize inside!

To keep engagement at the end of the year:   Once the work is done, we can have some fun!

Even though we have to review for our End of Course test, I want my students to enjoy the end of the year too.  So inside each balloon will be a note like "ice pop day".  Once we finish our necessary review, then we can pop a balloon to reveal some fun!

I sure hope this help us to #FinishStrong!

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Top 3 Pins for the End of the Year!

I truly enjoy linking up with Pawsitively Teaching, Just Reed, and Inspired Owl's Corner for their monthly Pinterest linky.  
It always helps me make some fun plans for the upcoming month.  In this case, May is our last full month of school, so my pins focus on the end of the year!

With this clever idea, there's a new activity in each balloon!  For the last several days of school, there will always be something fun to do!  It is so important to keep the students engaged to avoid behavior pitfalls!

This might be one of the activities in one of the balloons above!  This is just one of 15 "Minute To Win It" games!  You could choose to do one a week or several all in one day!

I think I saved the best for last!  This pin's idea is to give each student a beach ball and then allow the students to write compliments and any other positive words/thoughts on each other's beach balls!  It doubles as a great activity and end of year gift!  I am definitely going to do this with my students as well as the beach ball idea below:

This is a variation on the beach ball theme where the teacher writes different questions or actions to be performed on the ball.  Then the ball is passed around the circle.  When the teacher says stop, wherever the student's right thumb is touching indicates what the students must answer or do!  

For more end of the year ideas, take a peek at my End of the Year Pinterest board:

Follow Mrs. Spangler in the Middle's board End of the Year on Pinterest.

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