Calming the Year End Chaos Tips for Success

As I wind down the year and prepare for the next, it can seem pretty chaotic! At my school, we have a multi-page checklist that must be completed before we can leave for summer.  It has to be signed by specific administrators and staff as you turn in items.  
I call it the yearly scavenger hunt!

Combine that with completing grades, packing up the room, saying goodbye to students with meaningful activities and there's hardly a moment to consider next year!

For many years, I just packed it "all" up with the idea that I would "just find it" next year.  Or better yet, I think "I'll label it as I unpack it".  HA!  Not only do I never have the luck of finding anything easily, there's never enough pre-planning time to make lists either!

How I hope to fix my organizational disaster!

So this year, I am going to start by packing one (1) box each day during the last month of school - with a list of what's inside!  I plan to group resources together as I go.  This seems so much more "do-able" with just one box a day!  And I'm certain that will still leave me time to grade some papers and prepare some activities.

Packing one box a day with a list of its contents will calm my end of year chaos!

PLUS, on other pages of that legal pad I am going to use to make my packing lists, I am going to make idea lists for new ideas for next year.  Two birds...  :)

If you're like me, as you generate those ideas, you might start to formulate a plan where some new resources may be needed so a TpT gift card might just come in handy!

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  1. Planning for next year is so helpful and hard to do, but you are absolutely right that putting those ideas down now are great for back to school time. Thanks for sharing.


  2. I need to do more organization and purging in my classroom cabinets, too! Thank you! <3

  3. Organizing everything at the end of the year is crucial for saving some of the stress with trying to get things back in order during the Back to School Rush. I found that not only organizing things, but also creating an inventory list of what I still had helped me tremendously. Thanks for sharing such great tips! :)


  4. Great ideas, Lisa! Thanks so much! I particularly love the "idea list" idea, and will definitely implement this.

    -Danielle @ Nouvelle

    1. Thanks, Danielle! It really helps me to relax when all my ideas are safely recorded for next year!

  5. Great plan for staying organized! :)


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