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Using Google Apps without Google Classroom!

Welcome to my summer project of learning as much as I can about using Google in my class without the benefit of Google Classroom.  I know it seems strange, but my district does not have Google Classroom.  Both teachers and students have district Google accounts and Google e-mails but not Google Classroom.

However, since we all DO have Google accounts and Gmails, I know there's still a whole great big world of great tech tools that we can use if only I can find out about them!  So that's how my summer project began!

First up, I have been working with Google Forms.  I know this might seem "old school" to many of you but for the first time, I think I might be ready to try using these forms instead of the old paper surveys I usually send home with my syllabus!

Forms are found right in Google Drive and are ready for you to just click and type!

Use Google Forms instead of a paper student information sheet?  Yes, you can!

I am going to be teaching 6th grade ELA this Fall and will have 6 periods of classes.  Does that mean I need 6 Forms?  No!  That means I just need to ask a question like "What period are you in Mrs. Spangler's Language Arts class?" with a list of periods to choose from.  I will be sure to make this question required by toggling this button to ON.  This way, when I am ready to sort my spreadsheet, I can sort by period and keep my classes organized!

Student Information Sheets gone digital!  You only need one Google Form even if you teach multiple periods of the same subject!  Just be sure to toggle the "required" button to ON! :)

One thing that has kept me from using a Google Form instead of paper was the fact that I would write my parent contact logs on the back of my paper student information sheets.  I think what I might do instead is add a column to my spreadsheet after everyone has entered in their information and use that to record my phone calls so all the information is all together.

My next project for Google Forms is to figure out how to use it for students to track their own data and reflect on that data.  I love the charts and spreadsheets that Google Forms produce and I would like to see this data but I definitely do NOT want the students to see each other's data.  What to do!?
Well I looked around Alice Keeler's Teacher Tech website (as she is a Google for Education expert) and still wasn't sure so I tweeted her:

And she replied!!

So now you know what next week's post will be about!  Until then, I have some work to do!

In the meantime, leave a comment about your uses for Google Forms.

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