Beat the Winter Break Madness!

Life as a middle school teacher can get hectic around the winter break!  Beat the madness!  #teaching #classroom

Madness!  That's what some people think of the days leading up to the Winter Break.  Or some of you may think my idea is madness to prepare for the New Year before the break!

Whichever camp you're in, I'd like to share how to beat the madness with preparation!

First, plan to have students complete final projects for the second to last week before the break.  I'm a fan of having students present during the last week before the break with a rubric to grade the project during the presentation.   Then when the presentations are complete, so are the grades!  All that's left is to input them and celebrate!  

Need some ideas for a final project?  What about a little holiday fun, research and writing all in one?  Try this:

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Now while students are working on these projects, I circulate the room and let my mind wander to January and ask myself some questions:

What will I be teaching?
What copies do I need to make? Digital or paper?
What are my passwords?  (I place these under my keyboard!)
What other materials do I need?  (I look on Teachers Pay Teachers now!)
Will we have new seats?  (I make that new chart!)

Then I proceed to make my list and check it twice to make sure all these things are done before I leave for the glorious two-week vacation! 

I clean off my desk and set it up with notes to myself on top of my copies or laptop just so I remember what to do when I get back.  Now I can truly relax because everything is done and ready for the New Year!

Now is the time!  Get your last assignments all lined up for your students and begin your checklist!  Let your break be truly a break!!

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