Differentiation for Struggling AND Gifted Students

Need some ideas for differentiation in your middle or high school language arts class?  Then you'll love the ideas shared by the #2ndaryELA community here!  #strategies #lessonplans

Q1: How do you define differentiation?
A1: In essence, everyone getting what they need - levels of scaffolding - or in terms of remediation and enrichment after a n assessment.
A1: Differentiation is adjusting the rigger of material to help the child be successful, whether that is upping or lowering expectations.
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Maybe instead of lowering expectations, you just lower the difficulty?
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I think that is what I meant, just trying to say it in few words.
A1. I think I would define differentiation as: as needed modified educational support for learners to achieve.
Q2: How do you make sure all students “get it”?
A2: We have standards-based quizzes after the lesson has been taught and Ss have had time to process/practice.
A2: Using tools like and to check in with students, projects, summative tests.
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Definitely a fan a and for check-ins!
A2: I use my formative assessments as sounding boards to see where I need to recover the material, tag for additional supports, or restructure for deeper understanding.
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I enjoyed but then my school blocked youtube for ss and it won't load.
Q3: What do you do when some students “get it” and others do not?
A3: I try to find room for station work every now and again when I can pull some for extra help and the others are working in deepening or a new activity. I also have topics that those who don't get it can work on during study hall.
A3: I'm lucky to have an Academic Focus period and Freshmen Academy block that I can tag students during. This allows me to recover material in a smaller group, for more one on one time.
A3: After an assessment, Ss who earned 80% or better are given enrichment activities and those below 80% get remediation activities. I like to use menus.
Q4: How do you ensure that being gifted doesn’t just mean extra work?
A4: During our RTI time while I am working with the lower ss, my gifted ss are working on an online book study and the other students have a tic-tac-toe sheet to deepen their 6th grade skills.
A4: While some students work on remediation, the gifted Ss are generally working on enrichment - so it's not extra.
Q4: I LOVE THIS QUESTION. I have been working toward my GT Certification. Extension activities are a plus! I would substitute word lists instead of more words. I've used a more challenging book to cover similar concepts. Never MORE, just different rigor.
Q5: Where do you find ideas for both enrichment and reteaching?
I am in love with Article of the Week. I have my advanced students reading more complex articles, and they move quicker than others with their responses, so they end up with more responses, but I have a class for adv. learners.
A5: I turn to because he is my husband and has a wealth of knowledge! Also,

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I hope you found some new ideas that will help you differentiate for both struggling students and those that are gifted in your classroom!  

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