Social Emotional Learning for Middle & High School

Get new ideas for middle school social emotional learning activities from the #2ndaryELA community! #lessons

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) is not a new thing but has a new position in our classrooms.  With the current culture and climate we are in, SEL is becoming part of the underpinnings of all our lessons.  Fortunately, the #2ndaryELA community came together to discuss this important topic and you can get more ideas for how to incorporate SEL by reading below:

Q1: How do you define social emotional learning (SEL)?

A1: I define SEL as interpersonal skills like self-awareness & self-management
A1 I define SEL as helping students to learn to respond to their emotions appropriately, especially coping with those more difficult feelings
A1: I also think of things like dealing with emotions (i.e. how to handle disappointment)
A1: I think of SEL as the underpinnings of many lessons - meaning that one might want to consider SEL as part of the lesson.
A1 social emotional is anything that honors the whole child. We need to recognize the importance of feelings any time we are working with groups of people.
Q2: How do you incorporate SEL into your lessons?
A2: I have tried using community circles to talk about things like I-messages.
A2 Anything SEL related I do during my homeroom time. I try to at least do a check in and check out on Mondays and Fridays
A2: I try to incorporate SEL into various games we play too. (And by games, I mean Kagan strategies.)
Q3: Give an example of your favorite SEL activity.
A3 I like activities that allow students to see their commonalities. shared one called Stand Up For A Friend that I really liked
A3: I also teach how to work in groups explicitly before we do any Kagan strategies or other group work.
Q4: Describe ways your school develops SEL for all students.
A4: My school really focuses on kindness and being inclusive through the principal's daily message and our student government's programs.
A4: We just had a "Hello Day" where Ss all wore these stickers - high five, fist bump and peace sign. Ss were supposed to find others with the matching sticker to say "Hello" to.

This is one way my middle school tries to incorporate social emotional learning for all students.  #lessons #activities

Replying to 
I saw your post about this on IG and I'm going too send the idea to our counselor
A4 School wide we use the Olweus anti-bullying program and we all have a buddy class in a lower grade that we work with
Q5: Share your favorite SEL resources.
A5: I am looking for Middle School appropriate songs and videos to give students a kind of anchor for their social skills.
A5: If someone can suggest any, I'm all ears! I'm thinking I may need to make my own as all the videos I have found are for elementary students.
A5 I'm new at this so I don't really have favorites yet, but looking for some ideas to make my favorites!

I hope you found an idea or two you can use to add more Social Emotional Learning into your classroom!  If you have some you could add, I invite you to comment below or in our Facebook Group.  

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