Vocabulary Tactics for Standards Mastery in Middle School


Use vocabulary to build a strong knowledge base and deeper understanding to help middle school students master standards!

I believe that creating a firm foundation for literature studies with struggling students always begins with vocabulary. It is so important for all students to understand the academic vocabulary that will be used in the text and the questions about that text BEFORE they begin reading.  Once students understand these words, then they can use them to master the standards.

I recently wrote all about this topic at n2y and you can read the full post by clicking here.

In this post, I share my best tactics for physical classrooms and virtual classrooms including:

1.  Definitions using all 3 learning modalities

2.  Dominoes games

3.  Vocabulary Tic-Tac-Toe

4.  Slide

5.  Gimkit

6.  "Jeopardy" -like Quiz Show games

7.  Quizlet Live

I've made vocabulary sets for the first 8 reading anchor standards in both paper and digital formats.

The paper versions all include vocabulary worksheets, word wall cards and dominoes games.

The digital versions all include digital graphic organizers, digital practice puzzles and digital quizzes.

Vocabulary is an important step to helping students master standards because it is the base from which more complex learning is built.  Teaching vocabulary is an important use of time as it will make concepts easier to attain and then to be retained.

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