Getting Organized - still! + a FREEBIE!

Classroom Freebies Manic Monday

Right now, I am focused on getting organized.  I thought I was all ready to go back to school - I had a theme, a new way to encourage homework completion, lots of new lesson ideas and then... I went to a meeting this week.

We were told that we need specific things from Marzano in our lesson plans and that all lessons have to be day-by-day - unit plans will not suffice.  So I went looking for something to assist me in all of this.

I found a SUPER template on Teacher's Notebook which I truly love that you can find by clicking HERE .

It has all sorts of awesome drop-downs for the common core standards, Marzano elements, integration of technology, assessments and even accommodations that are huge time-savers! 

There's a lot of careful thought that went into this template as it is very thorough.  One example is the daily "I do, we do, you do" format.   I really love this - it makes me carefully consider how to structure the sequence of activities.  

But then there was a new district template that was being highly encouraged.  This template, by the way, required 2 pages of planning for ONE lesson.  So then I began to think - with the new requirements, do I have to use the new district template?  Apparently teachers are not required to use it as per our contract but with what our principal is requiring (which impacts our evaluations), it seems we need something pretty close.  So now I am back to creating on my own.  Sigh.

So now for the freebie!  This is my first attempt at a template in Excel.  It is not perfect or pretty - as I am just learning.  But I thought, why not turn it loose and ask you, dear readers, to leave your kind, constructive comments for ways to improve it?

It has drop-downs for:
-Common core standards
-Marzano design questions 2 and 3
-Formative and Summative assessments
-Exceptional Education accommodations
-Materials and Technology

You can get it HERE  and if you download it, please, please comment.  I need all the help I can get!  :)  :)

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