Leveled Writing Lab


My solution to writing skills improvement with Middle School students on all different skill levels is the Leveled Writing Lab!

Teaching writing can be tough when your middle school students are performing at so many different levels.

I've been there.  In fact, every year we give our students a writing diagnostic at the beginning of the year.   

Invariably, I discover that some can write a sentence fluently but aren't really sure how to put a paragraph together.  Others are still working on sentences and still others can write multi-paragraphs right away!  And I'm supposed to teach them all how to write essays.  

How was I going to manage that?

My solution to writing skills improvement with students on all different skill levels was the Leveled Writing Lab.  

After a diagnostic, students were given independent lessons at their level to help them develop sentence, paragraph, and essay writing skills.   

Students worked at their own pace and get instant feedback by entering their answers into a Google Form.  Students move on to new lessons and levels based on the successful completion of their lessons.  

Since each student works at their own level, the Lab is completely differentiated.  This allows for the teacher to truly facilitate and check in with students that might need more guidance.

Students love the independence of working at a level that allows them to experience success.  By experiencing success, students will come to believe that they are capable writers that can improve their skills to the point where they believe they can ultimately write essays.

The idea is that as each student progresses up the levels, at some point the class will be on the same page so we can work on developing essays with all the right tools in our toolbelts.

The Levels in the Lab are:

Level 1: Aqua - capitalization, constructing sentences, nouns, verbs, subjects, and predicates.

Level 2:  Yellow - simple, compound and complex sentences, conjunctions, fragments, and run-ons.

Level 3:  Orange - apostrophes, appositives, subject-verb agreement, adjectives and adverbs.

Level 4:  Green - topic sentences, supporting details, combining sentences.

Level 5:  Blue - kinds of paragraphs, summary sentences

Level 6:  Purple - citing evidence, support sentences (elaboration)

Level 7:  Red - introduction paragraphs, thesis, body paragraphs, relevant evidence

Level 8:  Silver - counterclaim paragraphs, rebuttal, conclusion paragraphs

Level 9:  Gold - essay structure (organization), combining paragraphs

Level 10: Enrichment Level Platinum - 8 different essay projects where students create something new.

All students will be developing their skills at all the different levels at the same time.  It's super engaging because students will want to move up the levels and be their personal best!

Want to try a free sample and be placed on the wait list for when the Full Lab is available in July 2022?  Click here.

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