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Digital Classroom Ideas

Need some digital classroom ideas for high school and middle school lesson plans and class activities?  See what your fellow #2ndaryELA educators have shared!  #teaching #tips

Is your school/classroom 1:1 where each students has his/her own device?  Our school went 1:1 this year and trying to convert lessons to a digital format is a whole new way of thinking!  That's why I was so glad to chat with my fellow #2ndaryELA educators about this topic recently.  See what they had to say about digital classrooms and get some new ideas for your own!

Q1: What are the digital rules and procedures for your classroom?
A1: My rules focus on when laptops should/should not be open.
A1: We also have some posters about what digital citizenship looks like.
A1: Pretty much the obvious— ~approved content only ~use digital resources when needed ~use during specified times
A1) Our school policy is only w/ teacher permission. This is abused often and a lot. Admins want referrals written, but Ts would be writing more than teaching. It is a hot mess in my opinion.
Q2: Do certain digital skills need to be taught before students can begin working on activities? Explain.
A2: I had to teach some basics like how to access Google Drive and make folders for classes/topics.
A2: We screen share our own desktops to show our students step by step how to use the D2L platform, USA test prep, IXL, Google Drive, padlet, etc.
A2: We can screen share too using LanSchool.
A2: I also had to teach how to navigate our LMS which is Canvas.
A2) Several! Where do I start? Research skills, how to paraphrase, source evaluation, fake vs real sources, and Digital citizenship just to name a few.
A2: Yes. It’s always best to find out what they don’t know about the digital tool you’re using before it’s necessary in class.
Q3: How do you manage student work that has been handed in digitally?
A3) I prefer it that way so that their work cannot be lost and it is time-stamped as to when it was submitted. I use MS Teams as my collection repository.
I am about 50% paperless. My students complained about going fully digital so I eased off this year. #201920 is fully digital. they can print what they want
Q4: Is your class completely paperless? How does that work or when do you use paper?
A4: I am a hybrid - I like paper for books and for some crafty things.
A4) I want to be completely paperless but there are some Ss that do not have a computer or Internet. My tests and quizzes are paperless, and my use of and has me about 90% paperless.
Our school provided every student a school issued laptop and there are free hot spots provided to students who have no internet at home otherwise.
A4: As much as I would like to go and be paperless, I love having handheld notebooks for students to refer back to. I am interested in digital interactive notebooks, though. Is it worth the change?
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I did docs notebooks this year.
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How did it work out? Did students use them and interact with them? Are they able to add new content?
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They do use them! and if working in groups, they can share one document and copy and paste to their own. Each student has one Journal Doc that they have used all year. SO all content is in one place.
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That sounds amazing! But how can you be sure one SS isn't doing all the work and the others aren't just making a copy?
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What happens for us is that they make a copy and then submit on Canvas. It's hard to see if someone else just copied. If they share it, how do you keep track of all those shared docs?
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I usually make a master and share it with them.
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But don't they have to make their own copy?
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If you're using google classroom, no. If you just share the doc, then yes, they nee to share it back to you. If it's not shared with me, I can't grade it, they get a 0. So they know to auto share with me
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you can also view entries in real time as long as the doc is shared with you.
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I guess that's the key - making sure the docs are shared with me. Good first step to make a habit.
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It's so hard to give up paper! (Well at least for me!)
Same! It’s especially difficult when I know they use their notebook for reference.
Q5: How do you convert your existing lessons into digital ones?
A5: I try to make them into Google Docs or Slides...but am looking for more ideas!
A5: I’m actually working on a digital lesson right now. Hyperlink activities are my new favorite!!
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I am thinking of a 50/50 idea for next year, though... It might help to not have as much in their tangible notes notebook.
A5) Digital textbook and pdfs of novels helps. I have stored my files and move them over to when I need them. I also have an exclusive that has my files there so that I can distribute them into another notebook.
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I hope you found some new ideas for your digital classroom and would love to hear your digital ideas in the comments below!