Middle School Project Based Learning


A unique way to blend PBL and standards-based learning in the Middle School ELA classroom!

Recently, I have read a lot about Genius Hour, Passion Projects, and the like.  I have always been a fan of student choice but also know there is an increased focus on teaching the standards this year.  So how could I blend PBL and the standards?  Investigation Lab!

Investigation Lab is where students choose a project from a list that corresponds to the standard we have been studying.  Then they complete the project based on any text we have read in class.  There is a very specific rubric and tracking system that I use to ensure everyone is participating and learning.

For example, for the theme and central idea standard, the menu looks like this:

Students can choose any project as they all require knowledge of theme and central idea.  It's great to have students present projects before a common unit assessment on the standard.  Many projects can also be placed on bulletin boards of excellent work and even saved to display for Open House.  I used to hang them all over the room during the course of the year. Not only did that build community, but it was fun to reminisce at the end of the year.

I call it Investigation Lab because students get to investigate the standard more deeply in an environment that allows them to drive the learning.  My students honestly loved having choices and the opportunity to be creative.  We had a set day each week we worked on projects and students looked forward to it.  Of course, we had already established our classroom agreements, and all agreements applied during this work time. 

Interested in trying this out with your middle school students?  You can spend hours making your own projects, rubrics, and trackers, or you can save TONS of time and get all 91 projects for 8 reading standards in one ready to go download!

Are you looking for a fun and engaging way for your Middle School students to practice their knowledge with the reading standards? This middle school project based learning set of 91 different projects is perfect for getting even your most reluctant learners on board!

Want to try a free sample?  Get a free copy of a project list for the theme standard in my free resource library.

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