Who is Mrs. Spangler in the Middle?

That's me -  Lisa!  I'm a Middle School ELA Teacher so I know that Middle School ELA teachers are among the most dedicated teachers in the world! 

We do ALL the things (in addition to teaching and planning) like:
➡️ school duty posts
➡️ meetings with parents & departments
➡️ professional development
➡️ reading/answering emails
➡️ tracking accommodations

And so much more, but all with professionalism and pride!

But, whew!  That takes sooooo much time AND energy.  

More time & energy than anyone realizes EXCEPT a fellow teacher.  

I know you need differentiated ELA resources that don't take hours to prepare!  I can help you reduce the time it takes to plan lessons that meet the needs of ALL learners with options for enrichment AND remediation.  

During my 28 years as a Middle School ELA classroom teacher, I have explored and researched all kinds of methods and ideas for implementing lessons to reach all learners.  

These ready-to-use materials are differentiated so all your students can be successful!

Click on any image above to be taken to that resource.  Or click the button below to see more to help you reach all learners in less time at my Teachers Pay Teachers Store:

I also offer fellow teachers support through my newsletter.  All subscribers receive access to my free resource library and will receive updates with new ideas, blog posts, contests, and much more!

On a personal note...

I have been married to the love of my life for the same amount of time as I have been teaching - 29 years - and together we have two incredible sons - Christopher and Dean.  We LOVE Disney and think of it as our "Happy Place".  Fortunately, we live only about an hour away from the magic in Florida so we are able to visit often.  :)

You can contact me by e-mail at Lisa@mrsspanglerinthemiddle.com or by visiting me on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.

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