A Peek at my Week

This week should be a very interesting one.  As you probably know, my main group of students are those with behavior disabilities.  So I have been working on implementing a therapy dog curriculum into my class.
This week we will get some "training" from Lucky and her owner, Nancy Starewicz.

Would you believe I found this wonderful lady on the internet?  I was searching for a "therapy dog curriculum" in order to meet my district's requirements to be able to use a therapy dog in my class.  I found her contact information on her blog, which included a phone number.  I picked up the phone, called her, and even though I was someone she didn't know calling her out of the blue, she was so very kind, helpful (answering my many questions), a great guide to the realm of therapy dogs, and now is coming to visit my class!

This is the book she will be reading to my class.  Lucky's Lessons are:
  " Lucky Lessons- Ages 9-95!

1.   Talk less, listen more.
2.   Sit less, exercise more.
3.   Complain less, be thankful more.
4.   Eat junk less, eat healthy more.
5.   Be selfish less, think of others more.
6.   Hurry less, be patient more.
7.   Guess less, study more.
8.   Growl less ,smile more.
9.   Worry less, trust more.
10.  Judge less, accept more.

(These are all the things Lucky is very good at doing, but I'm still working on them!)" 
I am excited and a little nervous because the students will have been off for 4 days...but then again they will like that this isn't "work".  (Well until the next day when I pull a mentor sentence and a foldable out of my hat from the book!)  Please pray that we will have a positive experience!
I'll let you know how it goes...

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