New week, New game idea with a freebie!

My week is only 4 days!  Workday on Friday and no school Monday!  

So this a good week to do what we must - benchmark exams.  I am scheduled to do the reading benchmark test Monday and Tuesday.  Then my class doesn't meet again until Thursday because we have block scheduling. 

But after 2 days of testing, I will need something fun for Thursday so...

"Mix It Match it - Dialogue edition" was born!  

The teacher has key questions and answers on cards.  He/She mixes up all the cards and then gives each student one.  The students then have to find their match!  

After all matches have been found, the partners read off their questions and matching answers.  The class decides if they are a match.  If they are, I am adding points to a class reward that they will choose.  

You can only get this for free HERE on Google Docs.

This all started because my Deliberate Practice this year is centered on design question #6 - Critical Information -  and I was recently asked by my evaluating administrator how I can ensure all my students "own" the critical information.

We already have a poster with all the concepts the students need to know for the assessment and we review it frequently but that doesn't mean that the information is truly "owned" by the students.  I think this game might just help but I'll have to let you know how it goes!

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