Weekend Stuff!

Complete with Freebies and a Super Bowl Sale!

We have been working on narrative elements this last marking period and are just about ready for our Embedded Assessment.

I asked this question of my students to help them realize that their actions need to match who they are.  This led to our study of character traits nicely!

Then we listed our own character traits on our own "ships".

I am also planning on giving away tickets to students who demonstrate their positive character traits on their ships.  Once students have saved 20 tickets, they can get a treat from my "store".  I have been inspired by the scratch off and QR code tickets at Head Over Heels for Teaching so maybe I will see how I can incorporate them too!

Since we are working on focusing the students on their words and deeds, I'm going to connect Random Acts of Kindness to the students being able to get their "ships" to their destinations.  

You can get this for FREE by clicking on the picture above.  

Thank you to Kayla from Primary Junction and Holly at Fourth Grade Flipper for the adorable button above!

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  1. I love your whole ship theme! What a great visual and motivating way to make sure they demonstrate their traits! Thanks for the shout out about my tickets! I'm glad you linked up!
    Head Over Heels For Teaching

  2. Your RAK cards are a great idea! Thanks for sharing them at Manic Monday.

    1. Thanks! I'm continually working on community with my special needs middle schoolers!


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