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I always enjoy linking up for motivation tips with Head Over Heels for Teaching because I am always looking for ways to motivate my special needs kids.  

Did I tell you that I teach the most behaviorally challenged kids in the whole middle school?  You know, the ones that myself and another teacher follow around all day long?  The ones no one else even wants to see let alone work with?  Yeah, those.  

  To say that school has been challenging lately is quite an understatement (due to reasons I can't post) and we're in the stretch right before our state tests!!

So, what I have come up with is going over the difference between regular people and those that won a medal at the Olympics.  That difference is STAMINA!

Click on the picture to be taken to this poster - it's a freebie on TpT from Julie Hughes!

So now I am going to make a chart for each kid with their medal at the end and we will list the steps we are taking to get to that medal.  Each student's medal will have what they would like to earn written on it so it is constant reminder of what he/she is working for.

It's not terribly fancy, but we can record all our baby steps and I think it will make their progress more "real".  I am happy to share the word file here with you.  Maybe someone can liven it up and re-share!  :)

I'll have to let you know how it goes....

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  1. This is a great idea. This will definitely make it meaningful for the kids to be able to look at their progress. My hats off to you for working with the behaviorally challenged...and middle school at that. It takes a very patient and brave person to do your job. I am sure it is so tiring, yet rewarding at the same time. Your kids are lucky to have you!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'


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