A Peek at my Week with a Bright Idea!

Even though I am on summer break 
and will be celebrating week 3 - I am going to a workshop this week for the newest version of our textbook - SpringBoard.

We have been working with the "old" version - I'll be interested to see how they have improved it, but seriously, does it have to take TWO days?

Because besides this two day workshop, I am scheduled to attend a one half day workshop on Marzano's design question #4.  This is because our evaluations this coming year have to be lessons in design question #4 or else they will have to be re-done (or perhaps scored very poorly.)  
I'll be VERY interested to see how I am to accomplish this inquiry style with Language Arts.

If you, dear reader, have any tips on this, I am open to suggestions!!

Aside from all of this "must-do" school stuff, I have been pondering a theme for next year.  Here's where my bright idea comes in:

Since I am likely to have all boys in a Special Needs Language Arts class next year,  all of whom expect to "go pro" in football or another sport as a career, I am going to go with an "All Pro" theme.  
Since I am essentially tasked with teaching writing (and a little reading as a springboard [maybe that's where the title of the textbook comes from] ), I have re-worked the main "areas" of writing into PROS:

I am working on some lessons to match the graphic above that will also work with my required SpringBoard textbook.  We'll see how it all works out, but I think I may have found a way to tie writing and their aspirations together!

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