Worksheet Wednesday FREEBIE! :)

Mrs. Spangler is my name and ELA is my game!  So I am happy to share a little ELA worksheet freebie with you all!

So here you go - a quick little review on the structure of a paragraph... topic sentence, 3 details (each detail gets its own sentence), conclusion sentence.  

It's a very basic 1 pager but comes with a suggested answer key.  :)  (The answer key could probably be used on it's own as an alternate way to review structure.)  

I like to use it at the start of the year as an easy, confidence building writing exercise. 

Click HERE to get your copy!  :)

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  1. Great freebie! I sure can use this with my kiddos. THANKS!


  2. Hooray another middle school blogger to follow! Only I've been in elementary for the past 10 years, so it will be interesting! I hope that I "live to tell the tale, too!" :) I'll be teaching math and science. Thank you for letting me stop by! :)
    Mixing it Up in Middle!


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