Motivating Positive Behavior

This is one of my favorite linkys because I am always working on motivating my special needs middle schoolers!

This year it looks like I will be teaching one class of "regular" Language Arts, one class of Special Needs Language Arts and one class of Special Needs Learning Strategies.  Since teachers go back to school on Monday, I have yet to find out if this is final.

No matter, my behavior plan will remain the same because I really think it will be highly motivating!

My students with special needs are highly motivated by football.  So I figure, I should just embrace it and make it work for us! special students already come with point sheets as part of their Behavior Improvement Plan which is part of their IEP (Individualized Education Plan).  So I will tie my system to their point sheets.  The point sheets allow students to earn points for things like being prepared, being respectful, completing class work and so on.

First, every student will get a helmet to decorate:

We will display the helmets on the wall.

At the end of the period, if they have earned all 10 of their points, they will get two stars to put on their helmet or be allowed to get instant gratification with two "brag bucks" (Our school's currency that is used to buy various prizes in the cafeteria).  

If they have earned 9 or 8 of their points, they will get one star or one brag buck.

If they save up their stars, then they can earn bigger "prizes":

10 stars = lunch in the classroom or 1 school supply (like a notebook)
20 stars = bag of chips
30 stars = can of soda
40 stars = ???  TBD  (maybe finger flashlights? {Thanks, Joanne!} )
50 stars = one full size candy bar

(The above were all motivators the students chose last year and I will survey them again this year and make adjustments as needed.)

I think this will work for a "regular" class too but they are likely to be devoid of point sheets so I will have to award stars for things I see "on the spot" like good attention, participation, a 100% on an assessment.  The prizes can roughly stay the same.

Not only will all the students (special needs or not) earn prizes for positive behaviors, but they will see their progress on their helmets.  I am going to theme my whole room on football so this will be just one part of the bigger picture - literally and figuratively!

I'll post actual pictures next week when I go back!  :)

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  1. What a great idea! I love that you consider the interests of your students and adapt your behavior system-super teacher! :) The visual will be a great reminder and reflection tool! I hope you have a wonderful school year! I can't wait to see pics of your helmets covered with stars! Thanks for sharing and linking up!
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